Monday, June 25, 2007

A picture and a plea

First of all, here's a "before church" picture of the boys from yesterday for you to enjoy:

Now for our plea to those of you who know us in "real life". Many of you who know A2 know that he has a special toy that he calls "XLR". This toy is a rubber lizard and a rubber snake. A2 uses it to re-enact the monster movies that are in his head (think Godzilla type monster movies). "XLR" has a lizard body and snake-like "tentacles". A2 goes no where without XLR, and spends, quite literally, hours, off by himself, creating scenes from the movies that he has inside his head. Unfortunately, XLR is falling apart. We're on our 3rd pair of tentacles, and snakes are pretty easy to find. However, the lizard body is on its last legs - almost literally. And just any old rubber lizard isn't going to do for A2. He needs one very, very similar, if not exactly like, his current one. I took some pictures of "XLR" so that you could get a sense of what to look for. Basically, a light blue rubber lizzard (it was originally filled with a bean-bag type material, though all the little balls fell out long ago) that is about 8" long or so. Here are two pictures. The second picture I put a spoon alongside "XLR" so that you could get a sense of scale...

So, to all our friends and family - please oh please! Be on the lookout for a light blue rubber lizard. As you can see from the pictures, XLR is disintigrating before our eyes, and a certain little boy is very distressed. We will reimburse you for your cost (should be minimal) and shipping, if need be. A2 and I will be very greatful if you're able to find the right lizard for XLR. And someday, when A2 makes his XLR movies, I'm certain he'll give you an on-screen credit.

"This film is dedicated to our dear friend who got me a replacement XLR lizard when I was 7 years old...."

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Kelly said...

Do you know where he came from originally? We will keep our eyes open!