Sunday, April 20, 2008

First Confession and brothers...

It's been a crazy busy week. Not much to say today, but thought I'd share some pictures.

A2 had his First Confession on Saturday. He wore a tie for the first time, and he looked sooooo handsome!

He was a little nervous, but he did great! The Church is so wise to have this sacrament offered to 7 and 8 year olds. A2 was a bit teary the night before when it finally really sunk in that he had to talk about the things he'd done wrong. I think that's indicative of the development of conscience, and that niggling conscience is so prevalent at this age. How wonderful that our faith gives us a means to obtain the forgiveness of God!

Afterwards, we went out to lunch to celebrate. Look how angelic he looks after receiving the sacrament!

Now for some "brothers" pictures! Here's all of them on the way to church:

Here's N4, being silly at the restaurant:

Here's J1, looking so grown-up!

LOVE this picture of S3 and A2!

Can't believe my guys are getting so big!

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The Keeper said...

Congrats!! That is such an amazing day!