Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Birthday Extravaganza Begins (part 1)

Here in the AAA house we have 3 birthdays in 11 days near the end of October. What a busy, delightful time!!

Today is N4's 4th birthday! Because daddy has to work today, and it's awfully tough to wait all day long when you've just turned 4, we let him open one present in the morning, while daddy listened in on the phone and mom took lots of pictures.

Being young boys, one of the requests this year was either a Star Wars Blaster or a Batman sword. The sword won out in mom's mind, and was met with great enthusiasm by the birthday boy!

Then, mom had great fun listening to the adventures of "N...Ninja and his sidekick, S...Samuri."

There was some discussion about the fact that perhaps S3, as Samuri, should really have the sword, but the birthday boy "Ninja"was loathe to give it up. It was ultimately decided that alliteration and birthday fun was much more important than any possible historical accuracy.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

We have 5 (of 7) birthdays in July. It's hectic, but fun! Cake for days and days and days...:)