Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's payback time!

So, a very wonderful thing happened to me this morning. My oldest son (going on 10 years old) woke me up and let me know my coffee was done and he'd poured me a cup. I came out into the living room, sat down on the couch with a cup of coffee already at hand. A little later, he was kind enough to give me a refill, too. And my (caffeine addicted) mother's heart melted. I've been just waiting and waiting for this! All those diapers changed, noses wiped, sibling disuptes negotiated, tears dried, sleepless nights, years of nursing, anger subdued, math facts drilled, worries gallore...all became a distant dream this morning as I saw payback. In the form of a fresh cup of coffee, lovingly poured for this SO not a morning person mom.

Ok, ok - you all know that I don't believe this is the first "payback" of being a mom - there's so, so very many wonderful things to being a mom. I even *like* changing diapers most of the time, and holding those newborns is just this side of heaven, I believe, and having your 4 year old come up and hug you saying, "Mom, I *like* you!" is just awesome! I could just go on and on - so don't get the impression that this is the first good thing I've seen about being a mom. But oh - oh!

It was just such a sweet, sweet morning! :-)

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