Monday, September 25, 2006

And By The Way...

All this talk here about "starting" the school year, and all these consumable books that we're using... It's what I've started writing here about, but, well, it's just not all that we're about! I truly find the whole concept of a "school year" to be very arbitrary and, frankly, not very useful. We are learning all the time here at the AAA house. Our dinner table discussions alone count as a great portion of our "learning", in my opinion. We talk about all sorts of things - history, politics, science, philosophy, theology, books, movies, games,'s just so much, we love it!

Learning is just a part of our life, and while I do use "seat-work", or consumable books, and schedules, and binders, and all that sort of thing, because it makes me feel comfortable I'm covering what's neccessary, it truly is a rather small part of our learning here in the AAA home.

Just wanted to point that out! :-)

More tomorrow on our binders! Goodnight...

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