Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How our day went

I sort of count today as our "first" day of school this year. J1 was the only one who did any seat-work, and he just a minimal amount, but all in all it was a good day. We had beautiful weather here in N. Georgia, so the kids spent a great deal of time outdoors - we are enjoying having a backyard again so very much!!

I spent most of the morning finishing up J1's binder. We broke for a mid-morning snack around 10:30am (apple slices and peanut butter, and some cheese slices). I read "The Story About Ping", and the kids just loved it. I am definitely planning on including more read-a-loud times during our days, because honestly they all just eat it up. It totally ruined my voice since I'm still getting over this cold, but it was worth it! :-) While we were enjoying our snack, I noticed something interesting happening with our spider friend outside our dining room window. I think he was snacking, too!

Woo-hoo! Even got some nature study in today! :-) The boys all went and played outside for quite awhile and I finished up J1's binder. They came into watch "Between The Lions" (love that show! It's really getting A2 and S3 ready for their phonics instruction this year, I believe), then we had lunch (mac&cheese and pineapple - quick and easy as I was so busy this morning). After lunch, J1 and I sat down and went over his binder, talked a bit about what he'd be doing this year, the books he would use, where he would find everything at the new house, that sort of thing. Then J1 got down to work and did some math and handwriting today. I don't know - do you think he is irritated about doing math, or me taking his picture?

After that, I cleaned up the kitchen, popped a turkey breast in the oven for dinner (we just had boxed stuffing and canned corn and canned cranberry sauce with it - I'm definitely on the lookout for quick and easy meals during school as there is simply just not enough time in the day! :-)

All in all, a good, productive day. Tomorrow I hope to get A2's binder done, go over everything with him and get him started. Then Thursday it will be S3's turn, and yes, on Friday, I'll do the same thing for N4 - definitely don't want to have him feeling left out, lol!

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