Monday, December 04, 2006

First Monday of Advent

Today was a good day here at the AAA house. We had a perfectly lovely morning. We did just a little bit of formal schoolwork (some math and handwriting), then the boys went to play outside. Yes, yes, we live in the South. No snow here, and almost certainly no white Christmas (the only day that this born and bred northerner misses the snow! :-) It *was* cold today here, though. The boys are still in their fall jackets, but they asked for their hats and gloves when they were playing outside. And there was much excitement when the boys found - ice!!

When everyone came in, I greeted them with "Candy Cane Tea" and a special treat of leftover Halloween candy I had hidden away for just such an emergency. Then, we read "A Country Angel Christmas", which the boys loved.

Not the best picture, unfortunately, but I refuse to complain about the wonderful light we get in this house, even if it makes taking pictures in our dining room challenging! After our story, we talked about some of the other things we'd be doing this Advent, we put up a few more Christmas lights, and I made chicken soup and biscuits for dinner.

I let N4 play with the leftover biscuit dough, and I had so much fun watching him play that I snapped a couple pictures...

After dinner I made some cinnamon streusal bread for dh to take to our priests when he goes to visit them tomorrow. Of course I made a double batch so we can have some, too! We're all really looking forward to St. Nicholas's feast day on Wednesday, and tomorrow we have some preparations to do. We need to spray paint our wooden mounting boards so that they dries in time for the St. Nicholas icons we're going to make on Wednesday. We'll also make some of these cookies to leave out for St. Nick tomorrow night. Oh, and I must remind dh to stop on the way home and get some carrots for St. Nick's horses - the boys just love that part!

Blessings to you and yours as we celebrate this joyous season!

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Katherine in TX said...

Oh, I can't wait to see how your Icons turn out. I hope you post pictures. I'm so glad you are making them. God Bless you.