Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Our Advent so far (or, a study in imperfection...)

Well, in the early Advent season, I've managed to run myself completely ragged. Not exactly sure how it happened, but needless to say, it's gotta stop. We're settling in at home, as much as possible, for the duration of the Advent/Christmas season.

As I've been super-busy, I've had SO MANY thoughts running through my head. I hardly even know where to start! Well, let me re-cap the last week or two, and go from there.

We had a good St. Nicholas Day, even though we didn't vinish our icon project. We painted our wood mounting boards a nice antique gold color,

and even painted ourselves a bit! But alas, we didn't finish our icons on St. Nicholas' feast day - in fact, we've gotten no farther than painting the mounting boards! But, I love this idea so much, I am determined we will finish this before Christmas. I told you we weren't crafty! But gosh, we are trying out some new experiences this Advent, and I'm so greatful for the trying!

We've been trying our best to read some Advent books, like The Miracle of St. Nicholas, and Our Lady of Guadalupe, and trying to do more crafty things, like our St. Nicholas icon, and mom has several other plans in the works right now...and, finally, I'm going to settle in and take some time for prayer and reflection this season...

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Katherine in TX said...

You're lucky you only got paint on your little sweetie's hands. I have an antique gold splattered driveway (but at least it will always remind me of St. Nicholas!) LOL! :)