Saturday, December 23, 2006

A pre-Christmas funny...

So, today is our great pre-Christmas house cleaning - gotta get the house nice and clean for Jesus' birthday, I tell my kids! It gets slightly more cooperation than usual!

We collected all our laundry, stripped our beds, and all the dirty stuff got thrown over this railing we have along the stairs that lead to our basement, where our laundry room is. I told the kids to move the dirty clothes and linens from the stairs to the laundry room for me, and went to work cleaning our master bedroom. A little while later, A2 appears, and this is the conversation that ensued:

(A2) "Mom! Mom! We've got trouble. That thing is stuck!"

(me) "What thing?"

(A2) "You know, that thing? It's stuck!"

(me) "Um, no, I don't - what thing do you mean?"

(A2) "That - that thing, " and he touches his chest, pulling on his shirt, just under the neckline, "that thing you wear, mom, here, you know?"

(me, laughing hysterically as it dawns on me...) "You mean my *bra*??"

(A2) "Oh. Yeah!"

(me, slightly panicked with visions of my bra draped from the light fixture or something...) "Where is it stuck, Alex?"

(A2 bends down and points to the floor) "Here! I don't how it got stuck, mom!"

(me) "Oh! Well, it has hooks, and they're stuck to the carpet loops."

(A2, eyes wide with a terrified disbelief) "Hooks? It has hooks??"

By this time, dh and I are doubled over with laughter! I'm still giggling!

Sometimes it just hits me - I live in house filled with *men*!

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