Monday, July 02, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Ok, it's that time again - what's for dinner this week? Well, the menu is still ruled by our need for frugality in our food budget, and also how hot it is here in the south right now - crock pot or grill, at most stovetop - no oven foods right now if we can help it!! So, here's the menu this week...

Monday: Mom's night out (horray - a cafe sandwhich for me!) dad will cook the boys hamburger gravy, and hopefully some kind of veggie, though I won't hold my breath! :-)

Tuesday: Using leftover chicken from Sunday's dinner, tonight will be chicken gravy and biscuits. Also a salad.

Wednesday: Happy Fourth of July! With the drought so bad here in Georgia, most fireworks are cancelled, and dh has to work, though he does get to work at home, so it's *sort* of a holiday. We'll try to celebrate with BBQ Beef Ribs, potato salad, corn on the cobb, and a Banana Split Cake for desert. Yum!

Thursday: I think today I'll try Slow Cooker Swiss Steak, serve it with rice and broccoli on the side.

Friday: Grilled Pizzas - I use the "self-rising pizza crust" here, and when I roll it out, I put it on a lightly greased sheet of tin foil, then put the foil on the grill. The foil keeps the bottom of the pizza crust from getting burnt. I usually make a triple batch of dough, divide it into 6 smaller pizzas, one for each of us. We'll use vegetarian toppings since it's Friday.

Saturday: A2 has requested hamburgers, and I've still got a coupon for a free box of Bubba Burgers from when we went with grandma and grandpa to a baseball game, so we'll have hamburgers tonight, with coleslaw and chips.

Sunday: A nice steak ceasar salad with that yummy grilled bread I posted about last week.

Make sure to head on over to Organizing Junkie to get more ideas! Have a great week!

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tegdirb92 said...

delicious, homemade pizza--yum! Grat meal plan.