Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And it just keeps snowing!

We went back outside after dinner - it felt like the whole neighborhood was outside, enjoying this "once every few years" occurance.

Notice the socks on the hand? A friend of mine (thanks!) recommended that for those who don't have gloves, and since we could only find two of our four pair (because we almost never use them, ya know!) we tried it - it worked out pretty well. But what a horrible picture of N4 - here's a better one!

We got out an old rubbermaid container lid and used it as a sled - the boys had a *blast*!

They tried to make snow angels:

They turned out pretty well, considering we only have about 1/3rd of an inch of snow, lol!

Alas, it's starting to turn to sleet and rain - I don't know if any snow will be left by morning. Which is just how this former Northern girl prefers it, but the kids are a wee bit sad at the thought! We'll just have to wait a couple of years and have some more fun for a few hours!

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