Thursday, May 24, 2007

Good Dog!

Monday was an eventful day at Aquinas Academy. A2 had an emergency dental appointment which revealed an abscessed tooth (no, we aren't that lax about our dental hygiene, he had a crack in this tooth which meant he needed a crown put in about a year ago - so bacteria got in around the crown). He's got antibiotics to clear up the infection, he'll have the tooth pulled in 2 weeks, then 2 weeks after that a spacer put in. The dentist said we caught it in time and there isn't too much pain for him. Poor baby!

Anyway, during the day, I noticed that our dogs spent a lot of time under our deck, and Biscuit (our 1 1/2 year old English Pointer) came in the house with nice orange feet, courtesy of our red Georgia clay. When A2 and dh got home from the dentist, the kids started telling him about the big hole under the deck. Oh, great, I thought, the dogs are going to undermine the foundation of the house...(yes I tend to think in worst-case scenarios!) So dh went out and checked it out, told everyone it was just fine, they were just digging a hole to cool off in, and we should leave it alone.

A little while later, he took me aside and told me what actually happened.

The dogs killed a snake. It was just a small rat snake, a baby, probably (which dh tossed over the fence before we could see - mostly for my sake!) Our neighbor told us his dogs had killed 2 in his yard recently, so there must have been a nest nearby (remember our snakeskin of last year? Probably mom!) Now, rat snakes are non-venemous, and are certainly helping keep our rodent population down, which I really do appreciate. And I'm definitely glad it's a rat snake and not a copperhead, which also live around here. But, still - there was a snake in our yard where my babies play!!!

And so, late at night, I snuggled with my dogs and cried cuz they're such good dogs! Especially Biscuit (Daisy is probably too young to do much more than watch older male dog kill the snake - and learn!). We rescued Biscuit from a shelter, and he is, quite literally the best dog we've ever had. Daisy is an absolutely adorable puppy, and she will grow into her personality and maybe end up tied for best - but right now, Biscuit reigns supreme! Good dog!!

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Kelly said...

I'm so glad Biscuit is such a good doggie! And I'm glad it wasn't a copperhead for certain!