Sunday, May 06, 2007

Our new addition!

Today we got a new puppy!! We are so very excited! We worked with Atlanta Dog Squad to adopt an 8.5 week old lab mix puppy, and we've had a wonderful experience. Her name was Jersey, but because she might be the only girl baby I ever have :-), we wanted to give her a more "girl-y" name, and have decided to call her "Daisy". This fits in with the other female in the house, our cat, Rosie. We also got her a pink collar to further satisfy my girl needs! :-)

So far things are going well. We need to work on the housetraining a bit, and she needs some encouragement in not nipping or jumping on the kids - nothing unexpected in such a young puppy. But she has been so relaxed, so at ease around us and our pets, I know that her foster family did a fabulous job with her. She is going to be a wonderful addition to our family. Here are a few pictures of our new baby!

Meeting her new friend, Biscuit:

With A2:

She's going to fit right in with the crew!

The grill is oh so interesting!

Looking absolutely adorable...

I'm sure you'll see many more pictures of our new cutie in the days to come!


Kelly said...

Oh she is SO cute! I know you guys are going to have such a good time with her! Congratulations on your new baby girl. ;)


Jenn said...

Yay! I love her name!