Friday, May 18, 2007

Tragedy of the most minor sort!

I've seen tragedy, I've even experienced tragedy, and no, this isn't it - but it makes a nice post title! What's really going on is just a minor annoyance. See, my laptop died here at Aquinas Academy. Just as I was getting into the groove of regular posting again, too - I am so bummed! Thankfully, the poor computer is still under warranty. Unfortunately, it will take at least a week and a half, maybe up to a month, before I get my laptop back. In the meantime, I have to share time on our workhorse PC with the dh who works from home once a week or so and uses it all day, and the 4 boys who use it for games and some school-related tasks. I'll have computer time, but not the free access, send an email or write a post anytime I have a free 10 minutes or so kind of time. Bear with me for a few weeks as my posting becomes, yet again, irregular.

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