Wednesday, September 05, 2007

First day...

I'll post pictures soon, though probably not till this weekend!

We had a good first day. Dad got donuts to start the morning, which was a big hit. J1 admitted that it was very "relaxing" to go on a break, but it was also nice to come back and start work again. So, he's ready for school, and did quite well his first day. He flew through the first lesson in pre-algebra (a side note: I simply can't believe I'm mentioning "algebra" and my child in the same sentence!), his handwriting is, well, the same messy 10 year old boy handwriting, and his weakest subject is still English grammar (which still cracks me up, because he's one of the most verbal children I've ever met, always has been - how can he struggle with grammar when he has such a facility with the spoken language??) Our focus this year is going to be on English grammar and composition. He's at ease in all other subjects, and while he doesn't do badly in Language Arts by any means (I have him working in a 7th grade text, 2 grades "above" his age level...) he just doesn't have the ease that he does in all other subjects. My goal, in particular, this year, is to work on his writing and communication skills. As grandma and grandpa, who on rare occassions receive emails from their oldest grandson, can attest - his writing needs a bit of work, lol!

J1 was disappointed that we're not starting science and history for another week or two, so I pulled out his science books and stuff to give him a bit of a preview. Which led to the memorable quote of the day. We were looking at the equipment lists for his science experiments:

"Eye protection? That's disturbing!"

LOL! He's going to love it!

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Kelly said...

ROFL! I agree - funny that J1 should have *any* trouble at all with grammar, since he's more well spoken than many college professors!