Friday, September 14, 2007

My "fifth son"

My dog thinks he's one of the boys. For instance, the boys have a game where they call for a "super hug". They all come and hug me both individually and finally as a big group, before pulling apart and tumbling everywhere as they yell, "Atomic Boy Bomb!" (they are SUCH boys!) Biscuit will usually come over and try to "hug" me, too - one time actually jumping up and putting his paws on my shoulders. Very sweet! Until recently, it was kind of a joke about how much Biscuit wants to be "one of the boys" - but then I saw this picture, and I'm starting to think he really believes he's a Real Boy!

Biscuit sleeps on the couch at night, but the minute someone leaves their bed space, he crawls in their place. Used to be, when dh left for work early, the dog would wait till the garage door opened as dh left, then hop up into bed with me. Sometimes, though, if N4 has ended up in bed with mom & dad for some reason, Biscuit likes to jump into the boys' bed and sleep with S3.

The other morning, dh woke up early and took a picture of this scene in the boy's (messy) room:

The dog with his head on the pillow is just TOO funny - the sleeping boys are pretty cute, too! :-)


Shelly said...

How great!! Gotta love those furry friends. So cute when ya see some "human" qualities, ya know?

Kelly said...

LOL! That is a GREAT pic!