Saturday, September 15, 2007

We have one, too!

Horray? Or not!! I've been horrifically fascinated with these pictures over at Deogratias (she takes far better pictures than I do!) We live in the same general area, and since we've had lots of spiders over at our house, I was kinda wondering if we'd see one of these lovely (!?) yellow creatures here a the AAA house. Well, wonder no longer, because this is what we saw today!

While it WAS kinda cool to see this large, brilliantly colored spider build her very cool web, my feelings can be perfectly seen in the expression on my eldest son's face!

Since this spider is (so far) on the outside of our house, we will leave it in peace, and I will squelch my need for chemicals! We might even try to get outside to do some nature journaling of all the various spiders around our house this week - as long as dad's home! :-)


Shelly said...

Jen - I feel your pain!

Luci1 said...

Hi Jen,
I think it's an argiope. My husband rescued one w/an egg sac at his work 3 years ago. We've gotten to enjoy them every year since.

Hope you can enjoy. The egg sac should be coming soon.
Luci (from Northern C coop)

Vicki said...

Luci is right, and we have an egg sac with ours too. Very cool. Maybe it will help you guys to learn to love spiders?!

Kelly said...

LOL! I love that look on J1's face!