Monday, September 03, 2007

Getting Ready...

Tomorrow's the day! I'm still not ready, but that's ok. We're going to have a nice, slow, "rolling" start. This first week, a short one anyway, we'll start with Religion, Math, English (includes grammar/phonics, spelling, and composition), Handwriting, Music, and Physical Education. Next week we'll add in Latin and Science, and finally, in the third week, History. Tomorrow I'll get J1 started, the next day add in A2, then Thursday S3 will join in, and finally, on Friday, N4 will get his start.

I've pretty much got everything all set to go for J1, and a great deal of my own organizational stuff is done. I've got a very nice binder for my own school stuff, I'll post pictures tomorrow! Speaking of pictures, we took "school pictures" today.

Our students...

J1, age 10.5, "5th" grade:

A2, age 8, "2nd" grade:

S3, age 6.5, "1st" grade:

N4, age 4.5, "PreK"

I have to say - even though I am feeling pretty stressed out, and mostly unready for school this year...I just love all the organizing and planning, the excitement of the kids, the anticipation of a new year. I am so very, very happy and blessed to be able to homeschool my beautiful, wonderful children!


Kelly said...

OH! What GREAT pics of the boys - they are growing so fast! Such fine young men - you SHOULD be proud! You are doing a great job with them.

Shelly said...

*Love* the pixs! They look just *sooo* excited too. So cute! It was our first day too, and i feel the same as you. not sure if i'm really "up for it" but excited to give it a try ... and we're off!!! It wasn't so bad. Much better after the 2yo took a nap @ noon!! LOL!