Monday, August 27, 2007

Chemicals! I want lots and lots of lethal chemicals!

THIS is what I saw today in my house!

Massively huge spider - IN MY HOUSE!! Call the exterminator, I want a quadruple batch of really lethal chemicals sprayed all over my house! Need exterminator!!

Yes, that is my oldest son's size 9 shoe in the left of that shot. The spider was bigger than his SHOE!!

Still mildly hysterical...

(But hey - what a brave kitty!)

And I am actually REALLY THANKFUL that my husband is unemployed right now - thank goodness he was here, right down the hall, and came running the instant I let out a horrified bellow...I locked myself and the kids in our bedroom while he disposed of the vile creature. Thank you, honey, for being even braver than the kitty!

No, we did not do the appropriate homeschool nature study thing and capture the thing to examine and study. Nope, sorry, too bad! It is dead, and I am glad!!

I'm sorry...I know spiders are part of God's Creation, and they are an important part of the ecosystem of this world, yada, yada, yada...but they do not belong in my house!!!!


Shelly said...

Ummm...I am right there with ya, Sister!!! Gross. I would've found...gosh, I don't even know, that thing is gigantic. I wouldn't have gone near it. it would've just stuck around til someone could've taken care of it! [that means dh!!!] and that also means, i would've left the house! Gross...I hate spiders!

Kelly said...

ROFL! I'm so sorry! :) That IS an amazingly huge spider! I like spiders in general [OK, not "like" so much as find them useful], but that couldn't have lived in my house either LOL!