Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Being the Mother of Boys...

A friend of mine, who, like me, has 4 boys, made a comment on her blog the other day about living in a "male dominated" household. Boy is that the truth! The older my kids get, the more BOY they become. I adore it, quite honestly, but it can get overwhelming at times! It's always so loud here! And their humor is such GUY humor - they can laugh uproarously with their dad about something that I find...boring, at best! Recently I've had to institute a new policy in our house. Never in the past have I ever had any trouble with my children and physical violence. That all changed recently, and I have gotten increasing tears over such comments as, "He hit me, mom!" "He hit me first!", etc. Finally, after 3 incidents in one hour I got my most stern mom voice and stated, "That's it! There will be NO hitting in my house! Anyone who hits a brother will be fined $1! And if you don't have a dollar, you will WORK for it!!" They stared at me with wide eyes and simply said, "OK!" So far, no more hitting, though they have taken to tickling each other, instead.

And the comments I make to them! There is a book out called "Please Don't Drink the Holy Water!", written by a women with 5 daughters, I believe. In MY house, almost every night, I have to say, "Please don't fight over the holy water!!"

I don't think the mother of daughters need to say these sorts of things! :-)

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Kelly said...

LOL! Well, you'd be surprised. As mom of 4 daughters and 1 lonely boy, I have the hitting problem as well. And I have said countless times "Please don't fight over the rosaries!" ;)