Friday, August 17, 2007

Any Braves' Fans Out there???

OK - now that the AC is back on at our house (yes, indeed, we went about36 hours without air conditioning here in the Georgia heat wave - however did those Southern Belles do it a hundred years ago???? Thank goodness for modern technology and good repairman, that's all I have to say about the matter!!) I can start to come back to humanity again. I came across this earlier tonight - anyone who is a Braves fan will DEFINITELY want to check it out - SOOO funny!!! This is one of those great things about the Internet, IMO - perfectly normal people with moderate talent and creativity can be discovered in a fairly big way - these guys are going to perform this song in the plaza at the Ted (the Brave's stadium, for those Not From Here), and then play it in HD in the dugout so the Braves can play it on the Big Screen for everyone to watch - way, way too fun!!


Megan said...

Love it! Kent's getting our propane tank for the grill refilled right now, I'm going to show him the video as soon as he ges home!

Shelly said...

check out my Aug 19th post [which happened on Aug 17th]

Shelly said...

Just watched the video...that is way too funny!! instant stardom! good for them. [btw, my post is aug. 20th not the 19th like i originally posted]