Monday, February 26, 2007

Here at the Dragon's Breath Grill...

We got a grill yesterday! We are all so very excited - it's been so very long since we've had a grill! Dh spent yesterday afternoon putting it together, I helped put the pavers down so there was a nice level surface, and then we had a celebratory Sunday dinner. Steak and salad, some grilled marinated onions and portabella mushrooms, with hot dogs for the boys. Yum! The boys (and the dog!) were fascinated, watching dh cook!

When dh put the marinated mushrooms and onions on the grill, there were some flames from the oils. N4 was SO excited. "Mom! Dad! The grill has dragon's breath! The dragon's fire breath cooks the food, that is so cool!!!" All night long he kept talking about the grill, and the dragon's breath that cooked our food. Way too funny!!

Oh - and A2 actually took a half-way decent picture of me and dh!

All in all, despite having an awful cold, we had a great day yesterday!

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