Monday, February 26, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

This weekend we got a new grill - I am just beyond excited! Besides being great for our low-carb diet, it's going to save me tons of time in dishes! Needless to say, most of this week's recipes involve the grill!

Monday: Cumin-rubbed grilled pork chops, (and a couple plain pork chops for the younger boys) grilled potatoes, grilled asparagus (simple this time - I'll just brush them with olive oil, salt, and pepper), perhaps some bread and butter for the boys
***note - the pork chops were ok, nothing spectacular, but the simple grilled asparagus was fantastic!

Tuesday: Spicy Grilled Chicken, rice for the boys, salad

Wednesday: Grilled Flank Steak, noodles for the boys, grilled mixed vegies (some leftover sweet onions, portabello mushrooms, and asparagus)

Thursday: Sirloin Kabobs, bread and butter for the boys, salad

Friday: Grilled Salmon, rice for the boys, steamed broccoli

Saturday: Hamburgers, coleslaw, chips for the boys

Sunday: Not sure yet - probably yet more meat on the grill, lol!

I'm so happy to have a grill now! Looking forward to this week's dinners, that's for sure! Stop on over at Organizing Junkie for some more great ideas!


jennyr said...

yum! thurs. sounds yummy! i miss summer, to grill almost everyday!lol!

annie said...

Your grilled menu sounds so yummy. I hope to get a new grill this spring too! Love to grill.
Have a great week.

Jenn said...

Okay, "duh" kind of question from your not-so-cheffy friend (even though I grill a mean steak) you put down some kind of griddle on the grill for the asparagus? Maybe foil? Help me envision this, because that sounds ever so yummy!

Leticia said...

I think I just might brave the cold and do some grilling tonight! Those recipes sound delicious! I just linked to you.