Saturday, February 10, 2007

Living with a future giant

All of our kids are tall. In particular, the oldest is literally off-the-growth charts tall (and the youngest is rapidly on his way there). Because we homeschool and haven't been involved in that many outside activities, it often escapes our notice just how tall they really are. But sometimes, we get smacked in the face with the realization. Like today. J1 needed new shoes. I was, quite frankly, shocked. He needed a men's size 9 shoe. His feet are officially, significantly larger than mine. He turned 10 less than a month ago!

When we took him out for his birthday, we took a picture of him and us.

We're all wearing dress shoes, so we're all about 1/2" taller than reality (that's right, I *never* wear heels! :-), but the picture shoes the proportion between me, dh, and J1. Neither dh nor I are short. In fact, dh is 6'1". I'm really thinking that at J1's next birthday, he'll be as tall as I am, maybe taller. I'm just not ready for my 10 year old to have bigger feet than I do, and I certainly won't be ready for my 11 year old to be taller than me! Not to mention - I can barely keep them all fed now - whatever will I do in a few years when all these boys hit their real growth spurts?? :-)

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