Sunday, February 25, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes...

Ok, I just have to share some of the things the kids have said this week. First, the sweet one. N4, the youngest at not quite 4 1/2, had this to say the other day: "Mom, I love you SO much! You're my bestest friend!" Awww...melted my heart, he did!

On to the joys of living with a melodramatic pre-teen with a very large vocabulary:

"J1, please do this for me." I say. "But, mom! I don't want to do that!" he cries. "I didn't ask you if you *wanted* to do it, I'm telling you to just do it!" He sighs with resignation, "I know, I know, my fate is sealed, isn't it?"


"Mom, will you help me push my bed against the wall so my covers don't fall off?" "Sure, J1, if you get off the bed first." "Oh, you mean so you don't have to move my immense girth around, too?" Um, yeah, that would make it easier, wouldn't it?

Finally, the biggest funny of the week. A2, S3, and N4 were laying in bed tonight - they are sometimes allowed to play with their Ninetendo DS for a bit before lights out, and they were all quietly playing. A little while later S3 came out, and very seriously told us, "A2 and N4 both wanted to play Kirby Squeek Squad, so they took a vote, and it was a tie, so they asked me and I chose A2, and N4 slapped me!" I'm still giggling - we certainly had to punish N4 for slapping his brother - but we first had to contain our laughter over the image of the two of them taking a vote over who got to play! LOL!

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