Monday, February 26, 2007

A little early spring nature study...

Yes, I know some of my readers have just experienced a near-blizzard (sorry about that, mom&dad!), but here in Georgia, it's spring! We took a walk down to the lake (such as it is) behind our property the other day - here are a few pictures...

On the trails behind our property:

A2, off exploring by himself:

Dh and J1, examing a quartz rock they'd found:

The guys exploring the creek:

S3 and N4 with the rocks - so many rocks!

Yesterday we were doing some yard work and came across a couple of lizard friends:

And finally - not exactly nature study, lol - here is a picture of the boys from Valentine's Day - they're just too cute! :-)


Dawn said...

Wonderful pictures! We're still waiting for spring up her in New England. :)

melanie said...

your kids are just so darn cute!!