Sunday, November 19, 2006

Way too funny!!!

OK, I just have to share - in the midst of my busy preparations for our homeschooling family Thanksgiving potluck this afternoon - I've been giggling all morning over this!

So, we're leaving mass this morning, and S3, my 6 year old, says
something - "Mom! What about the cr(..mumble, mumble...)pot?" Dh
looks at me - "What did he say? Did he just say, "what about the
crackpot??" S3 says, "No, what about the crockpot?" I ask him to
repeat himself again, thinking I *must* have misheard him - what
crockpot?? No, he insists, over and over, "What about the crockpot?
When are we going to the crockpot?" Then the light dawns - he means
our *potluck*!!

On the way home, we stopped to get some brown and serve rolls to take
with us. We sometimes get Sunbeam bread, and A2, my 7 year old,
often remarks that it's his favorite bread because there's a picture
of a girl praying on the bag. Well, the brown and serve rolls we
picked up happened to be the Sunbeam brand. And A2 says, "Oh, good,
it's praying bread!"

So, looks like we're taking praying bread to the crockpot this afternoon!