Monday, November 27, 2006

We are SO not crafty!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we really did. The appetizer luncheon was fabulous, especially the pimento cheese and pickle tray. The turkey and stuffing were great! My apple pie was perfect!

The table looked quite nice, if I do say so myself!

We had a few misses - the pumpkin pie wasn't what I was hoping for, and my beloved corn casserole was, well, ruined, because I put in the cream of mushroom soup intended for the green bean casserole, rather than the cream of chicken soup - it was just not the same!! All in all, though, we had a wonderful day.

But I had a realization. As a family, we are SO not crafty. I had great ideas, I really did. I saw - and I can't remember where, now - this cute idea of making a turkey with leaves and pinecones. Well, the older three pretty much threw up their hands, N4 was the only one who saw it through, and this was the result:

Now, N4? He's a cutie, isn't he? But the turkey? Kinda pathetic, don't you think? Oh, and later? S3 really, really wanted to make "thankful books". I really had my heart set on the Thankful Tree concept found here, but S3 insisted on thankful books, and who was I to say no? Here is how they turned out:

I guess you can see where the artistic talents of the family come from! We had fun, but...

What do we do?? We're artistically inept, we really are. Can you homeschool successfully without being crafty? Stay tuned to Aquinas Academy Adventures to find out!

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Karen E. said...

I LOVE your thankful books! They're a great idea!

And I think your cutie's turkey is very cute and turkeylike. :-)