Thursday, January 04, 2007

The 11th Day of Christmas...

Merry Christmas to all of you! Blogging and computer time has been light the last few weeks as we enjoy the Christmas season here at the AAA house. This morning I decided to quit worrying about the fact that I have done nothing to get ready for the start of our next school "term" next week, and instead just enjoy the last few days of this Christmas season. Next week, rather than start back full-speed, we will go slowly. We'll re-organize our school room (needs it *desperately*! - I'll post before and after pictures - you will laugh - how did we ever get work done there in the way it looks now?!), order the new math and Latin books for J1 (still haven't done that yet!), give the house a thorough post-Christmas cleaning, and gently introduce some of the new routines I hope to have this term. I'll detail some of these new routines next week - look for lots more blogging here soon!

On Saturday, the Epiphany, the kids will get a few more presents (including new soft fuzzy blankets and handmade rosaries that I got from our parish's Christmas bazare), and I hope to have our own "Epiphany Tea". This is so lovely, I think the boys will love it (it involves food, after all!), and it's presented in such a way that I think even *I* can do it! If we manage to do it, I will post pictures - I have great hope!

Hope all of you are having a Merry Christmas!

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