Friday, January 12, 2007

Big excitement at the bird feeder!

Guess what we saw at our feeder today?

An Eastern Bluebird!

I can remember being a little girl at my grandma's vacation place in northern Michigan, and she just loved the bluebirds. She had feeders and nesting boxes and it was just wonderful. By the time I was 10, the bluebirds there were all gone.

My boys didn't really understand my excitement today, but when I told them I hadn't seen one since I was J1's age, they were excited, too.

I saw 3 or 4 of the bluebirds, I think. One male bird perched on the top of my feeder, looking lovely, for a good minute and a half or so. The other birds flitted around the bushes and trees behind my fence. I don't have the right kind of food for them, apparently, and they didn't stay long, just a few minutes. I hope they come back!

I must do research on feeding them, and the best place in my yard for some bluebird boxes.

I'm just SO excited!

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