Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Today Is Your Birthday!!!

If you're the AAA family's paternal grandma that is! In her honor, we have the following messages:

For Christmas she sent us some yummy, yummy treats! The boys wanted to say something about that:

Finally, because the only thing she asked for was more pictures of her grandkids, we are here to fulfill her request! :-)

Here is J1, who will have a birthday of his own next week! He sure is growing up fast!

Here is A2, who always takes a good picture, the only AAA child I don't have to coax into a nice smile for the camera:

Here is S3, who is so rambunctious and energetic he's hard to capture on film (but so very cute with that newly lost tooth!)

Finally, here is N4, who lately is reluctant to smile for the camera because he says he's "afraid of the light!" My poor blue-eyed babe - cute, though, isn't he?

And, of course, they couldn't resist a silly picture!

This post's for you grandma! Happy Birthday!!!

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