Monday, January 22, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Well, the AAA house has an exciting week this week - it's our oldest son's 10th birthday! Man, they sure do grow up fast! In honor of his 10th birthday, we are taking him to a really, really nice restaurant. It's both a congratulations for hitting double digits, and also a way to start showing him things like etiquette, manners, how to behave like a gentleman. Not that we don't try to do that all the time, but there's just something about a really nice restaurant, you know? We couldn't secure a babysitter for the younger brothers until the day after his birthday, so of course, on his birthday, he's requested the dreaded Golden Arches. At any rate, I have a light cooking week this week - horray!

The low carb diet's going well, incidently. Dh and I feel great, and between the two of us we've lost over 30lbs! We've got a ways to go, so we'll continue on this path for quite some time. It is a challenge improving the kids diet, and making their meals healthy while making our meals low-carb, and not cooking two separate meals every night. I'm working up some plans in that regard, when I get everything figured out (ha! like that will ever happen - when I get things *mostly* figured out!) I'll post about it here.

So, here's our week this week...

Monday: Chicken Fajitas, tortillas for the boys, and a small side salad

Tuesday: Birthday day, fast food and cake, horray! J1 has requested my absolute favorite, German Chocolate Cake with coconut-pecan frosting - oh yum!! Dh and I will try to be content with a small piece of cake and have a nice steak salad instead of fast food.

Wednesday: I'll drop off hot dogs and chips with the younger 3 boys, so my friend will have a quick easy meal to fix while she watches them, and dh, J1 and I will have our wonderful 10th birthday dinner. I am SO not worrying too much about the diet on this very special day! I won't go crazy, but I also want to enjoy ourselves.

Thursday: Meatloaf, spiced potatoes for the kids, brussel sprouts, small salad

Friday: A dear friend sent me a really good recipe for low-carb salmon patties, so we'll have those, some rice for the kids, and this broccoli-cauiflour gratin as a hearty side dish.

Saturday: Hamburgers, chipes, and vegies and dip

Sunday: Sirloin Tip Roast, leftover spiced potatoes for the kids, salad, and Cheesy Broccoli casserole

Head on over to Organizing Junky to see what everyone else is up to! Have a great week, everyone!


jdoriot said...

I love salmon patties! My MIL is the only one who would eat them with me...she passed away last year and I really need to find a new buddy to share these with! lol!! I would love your low-carb recipe..Thanks!
Jenny-up the hill

Barb, sfo said...

Thanks for the great ideas :)

WJFR said...

Happy birthday to your oldest, and thanks for the menu plans and ideas -- I had just been looking for something like that!