Sunday, January 14, 2007

A better picture

I saw them again - got a slightly better picture this time:

There's definitely 4 birds, and at least one female. Maybe we'll have 2 nesting pairs?

Dh stopped on the way home from church and got me a tray feeder, some suet nuggets and dried mealworms. The bird store lady said bluebirds really prefer their food moving, and they sell live mealworms. Just not sure I can handle that, even for the bluebirds, so we'll see how they like this stuff. Apparently their beaks are so soft they can't eat seeds, except for the very tiny ones, the way other birds can. So they eat insects and berries and suet. The bird store lady also told dh to come back in in about 2 weeks, cuz they'd have more bluebird houses in then, and the bluebirds start nesting here in February.

I am so excited! Bet you couldn't tell, huh?

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